Friday, January 28, 2011


No one ever said that running a business is easy. It is quite the opposite. It is a lot of hard work, love, dedication, perseverance, and patience. Which most of us do not have.

Okay, so I have been working on this business day and night. I do LOVE what I do, but some days it is a lot harder to focus and that gets in the way of getting things done for me. Which ultimately leads to a lot of stress, frustration, and anxiety. I think that if I didn't LOVE what I do, I would have thrown in the towels a very long time ago.

Lately I feel a lack of focus. I find it a little difficult to get enough energy to get the things that I need to get done, done. I don't want to have to rely on coffee, energy drink, there anything else out there??? Anyways, I have been having a problem with falling asleep at night because I cannot shut my brain off! I think a lot of women have this problem. We are forced to wear many hats. Have a Job, be a Wife, and others are Mothers. I am married, but do NOT have any kids (yet). But I have a very adorable little fluffy maltese...does that count as a kid??? haahaa... :)

But there are so many very successful Mothers out there who runs successful businesses. Actually, most successful business women, are MOTHERS. So, what is the secret and how do they do it?
I am very determined to find this out. Does being a mother make us stronger? Okay, since I do not have any children of my own yet, I cannot answer this question...Please, if there are any mothers out there, please share with me your secrets. I would love to listen your advice. I so desperately need them.

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