Friday, March 11, 2011


My husband and I are planning to purchase a new country cottage in the next few months. We are currently house shopping. And one of my requirement for this move (which was my husband's idea) is that I have to have my own work studio and office space (so 2 separate rooms)...and so I have been researching to get some ideas. And I stumbled upon this collection of really cute ways to decorate and keep your craft room organized, so I had to share it with you guys. I LOVE all of these rooms. I'm definitely going to post pictures of before and after of my work space when I finally get a cottage and finish to decorating it. You have to understand that decorating is NOT my strong point. I am a creative person, but because I am very indecisive, I probably would never finish decorating my workspace. I will probably just keep changing out the look of the room. I have a commitment issue when it comes to decorating...haahaa.

(now if you really want craft room envy, check out the rest of the Martha Stewart photoshoot here)

tutorial on designsponge

Or here’s a ready made solution via IKEA
What about fabric storage? While many people choose open shelving,

(I also love her inspiration boards)
here’s a really creative idea from flickr user splityarn:

She wraps her yardage around archival comic book boards and files them sideways.
I love how this crafter is using a dowel (or you could use a branch from your yard!) and some recycled cookie tins for storage:
and this crafter is using thrifted dishes and cookware for some very attractive organizing:

I love this use of thrifted clipboards as a way to keep track of inspiration and orders
For you soap makers, these wire shelves combined with some baskets make great organizing of supplies:
Are you a paper artist? Use a lot of stamps? Narrow shelves along an entry wall allow you to see all your designs without taking up much room:
I love this use of Ikea rail systems and wire baskets found on the poppytalk blog
And last, but not least, the lowly pegboard. How versatile is this?

If you have any DIY solutions or any inspirational pictures or comments that you would like to share in regards to your work space...I would LOVE to hear of them or see them (if you have a picture). Just send me a Url to the picture or website with the pictures. I'm so excited, can't wait to hear what fun ways you guys will come up with to organize! :)


  1. Those pictures are great! I love the one with the dowel and tins. Thanks for sharing, and have fun decorating your workspace(s), once you get them!

  2. How exciting, a new cottage, office and work space all in one! I'm super organized, I found myself drooling over those pics! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  3. Wow, what amazing ideas and done so beautifully! Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to see before and afters of your cottage (when you find one!)

  4. So inspiring!! What great pictures! :) I love your blog!


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