Sunday, April 3, 2011

"What's LUCK gotta do with it, gotta do with it"

Have you ever met someone who have been very successful in what they do for a living and to top it off, it so happens to be that they LOVE their job? And then you think to yourself, "That person is so Lucky, and why can't I be that lucky?"

Well, maybe on the surface, it may seem like that person is very Lucky. But have you ever stop the envious attitude and think how that person got to where they are today? It might have taken them many years and taking many baby steps to get to where they are. And as a business owner, you know how many long and hardworking hours it takes to become successful. I had an idea for my business about 1 year ago...but it took me a year later, to have it up and running. And even then, I am still working very hard every day trying to maintain the business so that it does not fall apart.

Take for example, Donald Trump, he has declared Bankruptcy many years before and he was hundreds of millions of dollars (up to his ears) in debt. But he worked hard and smarter and turned his fortune around. And now he is a very successful business man.

Michael Kors: one the most well known American designers, and a judge on Project Runway. Have also declared Bankruptcy many years ago and came back stronger than ever. In addition, it took him so many years to get to where he is today. The fashion industry is very cut-throat and the competition is very fierce. You are as Heidi Klume said,"One day you are in, and the next day, you are out." And if you have watched Project Runway, you see how hard the contestant have to work and how much pressure they are in. They really have to be "in it to win it."

1. Don't just talk about it, do it.
2. Have patience.
3. Be perserverance.
4. Be determined.
5. Be passionate about what you do.
6. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
7. Put in the hours.
8. Can't be lazy.
9. Market yourself like crazy.

Oprah doesn't believe in luck. She said that being lucky is the result of preparation meeting up with the right opportunity. And do you of anyone out there who is more successful than Oprah? And who have gone through so much trial and tribulation in her life? Oprah pretty much grew up in poverty and abuse and rise to where she is today. I do not call that Luck because she has worked very hard and she is very passionate in what she does.

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  1. Love the post, could be because I don't believe in luck, good or bad! Follow your heart, listen to that quiet, patient inner voice and you can't fail. :)


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