Sunday, January 15, 2012


Resin Cameos is a plastic like material (thin and light weight).
Between 1 to 2 mm thick. These work great for frames and settings.

THEY ARE RESIN CAMEOS WITH THE IMAGES ATTACHED. STICKY BACK. All ready for you to stick it to any setting you want. Unlike most other cameo sellers, these are not plain flat backs. You DO NOT need to use Glue! Very easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is peel the protective paper on the back of the cameo and stick the cameo to any setting that you want. These are individually cut. All ready for you to make whatever you want with it. Very high quality craftsmanship.
What you see is what you get!

The BEST value anywhere!

***OPTION***Also available WITH OUT the sticky back feature. If you prefer to have a plan paper backing with no sticky back, it is not a problem. Just let me know when you check out in the "note to seller section." There is NO extra charge.
Please go to the end of the listing to read about different techniques.

***This listing is for the RESIN CAMEOS ONLY*** Frames and settings that are shown in this listing is for sample and demo purposes only. They are NOT for sale with this listing. If you wish to purchase the settings and frames, please let me know and I can set up a listing for you. Check my shop for other frames and settings styles available.

Save yourself money and time. I've already done all of the hard work for all you have to do is play with your imagination. Glue this to any settings, frames, or just add a bail on the back, and you are done. Simple, easy, and fast. Time is money honey!

Great for Steampunk, Jewelry making, Scrapbooking, use in your collages, and much much more. Perfect for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands, rings, broaches, pins, and so much more. Light weight and high in quality and craftsmanship. Light weight and ideal for earrings and necklace pendants. Use your imagination. 100% handmade from scratch!!! Lots of time, love, and care were put into making these.

These are water resistance but I DO NOT recommend that you wear these while exercising, showering, swimming, or while doing anything that will expose the item to prolong water contact.

You can use these for anything really. The possibilities are endless. String on a chain for an easy necklace piece. Add some more charms to them. Use them in your steampunk creations or other vintage inspired jewelry.

Other colors and designs are also available, please check my shop for more colors and styles. If you need more, please convo me for a custom order.

Some crafters prefer the non sticky back because they like to use glue. Although you can use glue with the sticky back ones as well (just don't peel off the protective paper cover that covers the sticky back. And apply glue directly on the back), some crafters prefer to use glue on the plain paper back.
How to use glue with the sticky back cameos: Don't peel off the protective paper cover that covers the sticky back, and apply glue directly on the back. Or you can peel off the protective cover, use the sticky back to stick to a thicker paper or card stock paper, cut around the cameo, and then apply glue to the back afterwards.

Glass Cabochons have a higher dome, about 5mm high.
They are much heavier than the resin cameo.
Glass is also more difficult to use because you have to use messy sealant, glaze, and glue to seal the images into the glass. It is also more time consumming because the drying time can be days. Also, on many occasions, if your temperature is not consistent, small air bubbles will develop between the glass and your image. And the error rate is very high. For every 3 that I make, only 1 is perfect. So the rest, you have to throw away because they are not good enough to use on your perfect jewelry.
And because the glass material is more expensive, heavier in weight, and the process takes longer (with much more effort needed), the prices for these are higher than the resin cameos.

Glass is NOT scratch resistance. Any imperfections on the surface will be permanent. And glass is a lot easier to scrape and scratch.

Resin Cameo are low dome, about 1 to 2 mm thick.
Light weight, perfect for earrings and anything that you need a light weight material.
The resin cameo that I sell have sticky backs, so you don't need to use messy glue (unless you want to). Just peel the protective cover off of the back of the cameo and stick it to any flat surface that you want. I love to use this for my frames and settings.
Much easier to use than glass cabochons.
These are less expensive than glass cabochons.
The glass cabs and these resin cabs are 2 completely different things. You DO NOT need to use them together!

Many people like to use these resin cameo so much more than the glass cabs because
1. Resin is less expensive than glass.
2. Resin is much easier to use than glass. No need to use glue with my sticky back option. Just peel off the back and stick it to any flat back settings that you have. You can always use glue if you want to.
3. Glass is more messy to use because you have to use all sorts of glaze, sealant, etc... to seal in the image.
4. Resin is much more lighter in weight than glass. Making them ideal for making earrings and not so heavy jewelry and scrapbooking pieces.
5. Resin cabochon is more scratch resistance. If you accidentally creates mark or minor dents on the surface, most of the time, the imperfections will disappear (almost instantly like magic) within a few seconds.

When you have a setting piece that is too thin or too light weight. And you want to make your pendant or jewelry piece feel like it is not too flimsy. This is when using Glass cab over Resin Cameo is better. But it all depends on your personal preferences as well. Some people like more light weight pieces and others prefers heavier pieces. I happen to like a piece that is not too heavy and not too light. So I use the glass cabs and epoxy resin cabs to off set the weight that is in my frames and settings.
But if you are making earrings, you should use the Resin Cameos over the Glass cameos. Because you want something light weight on your delicate ears, not some bulky glass piece that is going to weight your earlobe down...ouch!


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