Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi Everyone,

So this is the very first post to my Craft Blog.
The reason why I am setting up this blog is to help others with creative ideas. Also, this is a place where I am able to share creative ideas with other creative people. I will be posting How-Tos, D-I-Y series, and also will be posting videos of different projects. I would love to feature other artists on my blog as well. So if you have any crafting ideas that you would like to share, I would love to do a post on you, your craft, your store, or anything that is interesting that you wonderful and talented creative minds would like to share with me.

Ideally this is a site set up so that I can feature my arts and crafts along with other people's wonderful works that I admire as well.

Almost everything that I make can be found on my website: WWW.STUDIO11COUTURE.COM and all of the supplies for my projects can be found in my store at: WWW.STUDIO11CHARMS.COM


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