Sunday, November 21, 2010


So this week happens to be the week of my Birthday!!!! HURRAY!!! So it is a wonderful time to start thinking for, "What do I want to get accomplished this coming year?" So this will be an early New Year Resolution for me.

My goal this year is to post at least 1 post about my creative experience each day. In addition, I would like to post at least 1 video blog each week. I will try this for 365 days and see where I will end up exactly 1 year from today!

You should try it! I think that this will be a wonderful experience. Anyone reading this blog is welcome to join me on this Creative Journey!

You know what, my wonderful Husband (yep, I'm very happily married) said to me, "YOUR ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO BE HAPPY!" Oh My Goodness, he is sooooooo right! What a simple concept this is but yet not all of us can do this. Why is that? I can only speak from my own experience, so I would love it if you guys post your experience on here and share with everyone!

My experience is that I make excuses for myself why I don't deserve to be happy, so why I don't have time to work on the things that makes me happy. If we could just STOP for a minute and write down a simple list to help us sort out our lives: the things that makes us HAPPY and then write down the things that makes us UNHAPPY. On the "Happy" list, circle the things that you can do without money (or very little money), and then just make time in your calendar that week to do it. Make a goal for yourself to do at least 1 thing that makes you "Happy" each day and by the end of the week, you will have 7 things that makes you happy done. And then you are that much closer to achieving your purpose in life, "which is to just be happy."

And now onto the "Unhappy" list...Yikes!...I know, some of you might have a longer "unhappy" list than a "happy" list, but that's okay, we all have to start somewhere. Now go down your list and start to cross off the things in your life that is unnecessary for you to stay alive and function a normal life. Many things that causes us to become unhappy in our lives are unnecessary things. We spend about 90% of our time worrying about only 10% of life. And we only enjoy about 10% of the things that takes up the rest of the 90% of our life. Yes, Repeat these two lines over and over again.

Think about it, it is so absolutely TRUE. I know that I get worked up on the most miniscule things. And when it is all done and said, and then I look back on it later, it wasn't a big deal at all. My husband always said, "Don't make mountains out of mole hills." And he is so right. I think that more women are guilty of this than men. Because we care too much and because we are perfectionist and we think too much. We just put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed and to be "Perfect." But being imperfect is what makes us who we are. My mother has a little piece of paper, that she got from a fortune cookie, taped on her refrigerator door, and it said, "People learn little from success, but much from Failure." I love this quote because it is so true.

So cross off the things on your "unhappy" list and you will find that you will be so lifted, and have so much more energy to do the things that makes you "happy." If something makes you unhappy than why do you keep doing it? Most of us are in a 9 to 5 job that we hate. We stay in it because it pays the bills. I know that you can't just walk out of the job that you hate because you depend on that monthly income. But suppose you still have to do the job that you hate because in this case, you have to. But you can still make time to do the things that you love and what makes you happy if you make time for it. And then you can transition slowly and maybe one day quit the job that you hate and do what you love and what makes you "happy."

But enable for this project to work, you must start RIGHT NOW! Don't make any excuses for yourself. You are only holding yourself back if you make excuses for yourself. I would love to recommend a most wonderful book that I carry with me everywhere I go. It is called, "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living," by Dale Carnegie. This is one of the most must read and amazing books in the world. This book has sold over many millions of copies in so many different languages. It also comes in an Audio Book Version, which I have also. So download it on iTunes, or get at, and put this in your ipod, mp3 players, and smart phones.

Why am I writing this very long blog? Because I went through the same everyday rat race that all of you went through and it literally gave me Cancer! Yes, I said the "C" word, Cancer! And now I am married to a wonderful husband who supports what I do and I do what I love! I might not be a millionaire, but I feel so bless and thankful everyday that I am doing something that I LOVE and makes me so wonderfully Happy! And trust me, it took me a very long time to get to where I am today.

And so as part of my first step in my 365 day Creative Craft Happy project, I want all of my followers, readers, and myself to start off with a spiritual, mind, body, and soul cleanse. To get us more focus on our goals, our purpose in life, to be closer to God, and simply to be Happier and Healthier. So we can simply enjoy all of the joy that life brings. Because Life is Wonderful!

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