Saturday, February 5, 2011


A little about me:

I just love to make stuff, and I'm a little ADD and OCD so I can get a little outta control with my crafting for days w/ little sleep (I have chronic insomnia as well). Can't sleep at night, cause I think too much! I guess College really did messed me up. I took way too many classes and was an over-achiever. But it wasn't until I graduated college that I realized that crafting and art is what I want to do for the rest of my here I am.
I am married to a wonderful hubby who lets me do whatever I want and is very supportive to my ventures...haahaa. No kids yet, unless you wanna count my cute little Maltese. He is so smart, sometimes I feel like he is like a 3 year old, and not a pup at all.
Anyways I'm just rambling on...
I like many things and hate very few things, so it would be easier for me to list things that I dislike. I dislike mean, rude, ill-mannered people. Don't like to eat pork or much meat, but not a vegetarian. Hate the cold. Not an outdoors type of person. Don't really do any sports...hence this is why I craft.
Love books, anything old and unique, love to travel, love food (all types especially junk food), love to dance, love to hang around nice people, oh yes, I love hot beverages

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